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“Alexander” explores the relationship between politics, history and culture, centred around the construction of a national myth in the (Former Yugoslav) Republic of Macedonia – a state with no name, fixated on the dispute about origins so distant that they may have never existed at all.

The very first thing I saw in the capital city of Skopje was the construction site of a 25-meter tall figure of a warrior on horseback which – as I later found out – was the statue of Alexander the Great. In 2009, the Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski announced an architectural scheme titled Skopje 2014. The equestrian figure in a rampant pose was the crown jewel of the nation-branding policy, likening the modern day Macedonia to its ancient  archetype of Alexander’s Kingdom. The new domes were to “convey to the citizens that our building tradition has deep roots, that it has spanned at least two and a half millennia.”

It was only a few years later when a leak of wiretapped conversations revealed the leading party, in order to stay in power at any cost, committed massive embezzlement, cronyism, nepotism, meddled with the elections, and propped its rule with constant surveillance of more than 20.000 citizens. The myth of Alexander, that has dominated the public debate for years, was a smoke screen.

On February 13th, 2019 the country was recognised as the Republic of North Macedonia. In accordance with so-called Prespa Agreement that dismissed all previous claims to the ancient provenience. The new Minister of Culture announced the revision of project Skopje 2014, i.e. the reconstruction, removal or reorganisation of squares, monuments and facades previously erected for the exorbitant price of 650 million euros. Convicted ex-Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski managed to flee the country and was granted a political asylum in Hungary. Members of his cabinet are now prosecuted.


144+20 pages, 43 plates, 207x263 mm,
offset print on Munken Lynx 150gsm,
hard cover, hand-coloured and waxed edges

Designed by Olga Łacna / IFF
Text authors: Marek Matyjanka, Michał Murawski

Project supported by Calvert 22 Foundation, FIDAL, Docking Station and Arctic Paper Polska

ISBN: 978-83-950913-0-8

Self-published in the edition of 750 copies, including 200 copies with limited cover (pre-orders and premiere only) and 30+3AP in portfolio edition (TBA).

By purchasing this book, you contribute to my future fieldwork, as the entire revenue from this publication will be used as a trust fund to be invested solely in financing my work on future stories. Thank you for your trust and all the support!

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