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My interests revolving around the nexus of geopolitics, history and national mythologies, I am adocumentary photographer of Polish origin with a special itch for cultural clashes of South-Eastern Europe.

I am motivated chiefly by a drive to understand problems whose degree of complication fascinates me, thus I use photography as a means of observation and recording, in the same way that another person would draw a mind map to picture the problem.

While photographing, I prefer to stay at a height, afar and with a technical camera, trying to take a “bigger picture”. The way of presenting my inquiries was meant to be credible, distanced and ambiguous. Still, instead of offering ready answers, my intention is to provide you the same information that I had myself, so that you draw your own connections and eventually come to a conclusion.

In the period between 2010-18 I studied towards an MA degree in photography at the Polish National Filmschool in Lodz, Poland. I graduated with “Alexander”, a story that I had pursued since 2013.

If I were to make that choice again, I would have taken up Archaeology and Anthropology – the two toolkits that I am missing the most.

Online features:

2019 - Honorable mention, Poznań Photo Diploma Awards
2019 - “Alexander” shortlisted for MACK First Book Award
2018 - “Alexander” shortlisted for Luma Dummy Book Award 2018
2018 - “Alexander” shortlisted for La Fabrica / Photo London Dummy Award
2017 - “Alexander” shortlisted for the Viewbook Transformations Grant
2016 - “Alexander” awarded 1st prize in The New East Photo Prize
2016 - “Alexander” awarded rd prize in BZWBK Press Photo
2016 - “Alexander” shortlisted for the Burn Magazine Emerging Photographer Fund
2016 - “Alexander” awarded 1st prize in the Fidal Youth Photography Award
2016 - Laureate of the Show OFF section, Cracow Photomonth

On display:
2019 - Municipal Gallery Arsenał, Poznań
2018 - National Muzeum in Warsaw, Królikarnia
2018 - Instytut Fotografii Fort, Warsaw
2017 - Backlight Festival, Tampere

2017 - PhEST, Puglia

2016 - Ian Parry Finalists, London

2016 - Calvert22, London

2016 - OFF_Festival, Bratislava